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1964 Innsbruck Winter Games
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The 1964 Innsbruck Games were plagued by a lack of snow and a lack of Ivy Leaguers. The Austrian army was at one point mending the ski slopes on their hands and knees. Only four Ivy Leaguers made the trip to Austria, matching an alltime low set in the first Winter Olympics (1928 in St. Moritz, Switzerland). 1964 also marked the first year that the Ivy League did not contribute to the U.S. Men's Ice Hockey team since the first Winter Olympics.

Dartmouth skiers James W. Page (1963) and Richard W. Taylor (1959) did the duty of being the almostcompulsory representatives from Hanover. Page competed in the Nordic combined race, and Taylor took part in the 15, 30, and 50kilometer races. Neither won a medal, but Page would stay in the sport for years to come. He was a coach at a New Hampshire prep school, Dartmouth, and for the national team. Page has also held various positions in the USOC. Today he serves as Managing Director of Sports Performance.

Fellow Dartmouth grad, bobsledder Peter M. Kirby (1954), was also at the 1964 Games representing his native Canada. Kirby was part of the gold medalwinning fourman bobsled team and placed fourth in the twoman competition. Both are notable achievements by themselves, but when considering that 1964 was the first year that Canada entered an Olympic bobsledding competition, Kirby's performance is even more special.

Finally, Scott E. Allen (Harvard, 1971) continued the Crimson figure skating tradition, at 14 years old, well before matriculating at Harvard. Allen was two days shy of his 15th birthday when he won the bronze medal in the men's individual figure skating competition. In the process, he became the youngest person to win a Winter Olympic medal. He still is the youngest male medallist and the youngest medallist from an individual event.

Name School Sport
Peter M. Kirby Dartmouth College Men's Bobsled
James W. Page Dartmouth College Men's Alpine Skiing
Richard W. Taylor Dartmouth College Men's Nordic Skiing
Scott E. Allen Harvard University Men's Figure Skating



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