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1998 Nagano Winter Games
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By the time that the International Olympic Committee made women's ice hockey an Olympic sport, in time for the 1998 Nagano Games, the Ivy League had been crowning women's ice hockey champions for 22 years, Cornell being the first in 1976. So when the women started to take the ice at the Olympics, Ivy Leaguers dominated the competition.

Eight from the Ancient Eight skated for the American team: Katie King (Brown, 1997), Tara Mounsey (Brown, 2001), Sarah Tuerig (Dartmouth, 1998), Gretchen Ulion (Dartmouth, 1994), A.J. Mleczko (Harvard, 1999), Angela Ruggiero (Harvard, 2002), Sandra Whyte (Harvard, 1992), and Lisa BrownMiller (Princeton Coach). The American squad won the gold medal in commanding fashion. Their 60 record came easily, they scored 36 goals and allowed only eight.

Two Ivies, Becky Kellar (Brown, 1997) and Jen Botterill (Harvard, 2002), skated for the silver medalwinning Canadian team. Canada lost to the US in the final game, 31. Also, Chie Chie Sakuma (Brown, 1994) was on Japan's team.

All except Sakuma, While, and BrownMiller would return for the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, where they would be joined by more of their Ivy teammates.

Two Dartmouth skiers made the trip to Japan: Suzanne P. King '86, and Elizabeth G. McIntyre '87. The Nagano Games were the first in Winter Olympic history that Dartmouth was not represented in any men's skiing competition. The best finish between King and McIntyre came for McIntyre in the moguls competition, where she finished in eighth place.

Two other Dartmouth grads, Cameron 'Cammy' Myler '92 and Stacey Wooley '91, competed in the Nagano Games. Myler was in her fourth, and last, Winter Olympics, on the U.S. luge team. She finished in seventh place in the 1998 women's singles race. Wooley competed in the biathlon, a competition which involves both crosscountry skiing and shooting. She would return to the Olympics in 2002.

Joe Nieuwendyk (Cornell, 1988) skated for the Canadian men's ice hockey team at the 1998 Games. Nieuwendyk, already a wellestablished star in the National Hockey League, took advantage of the ruling by the IOC that allowed professionals to compete in the Olympic hockey tournament. The Canadian team allowed only eight goals in the 1998 Games, putting them in second place in that category behind gold medal winning Czechoslovakia.

Nagano was the sight of Dan Weinstein's Olympic debut at the tender age of 17. Weinstein (Harvard, 2003) was the first Ivy Leaguer (or future Ivy Leaguer) to compete in Olympic speed skating. He returned for the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, where he qualified for the 5,000meter relay team.

Name School Sport
Becky Kellar Brown University Women's Ice Hockey
Katie King Brown University Women's Ice Hockey
Tara Mounsey Brown University Women's Ice Hockey
Chie Chie Sakuma Brown University Women's Ice Hockey
Joe Nieuwendyk Cornell University Men's Ice Hockey
Nina M. Kemppel Dartmouth College Women's Nordic Skiing
Suzanne P. King Dartmouth College Women's Nordic Skiing
Elizabeth G. McIntyre Dartmouth College Women's Freestyle Skiing
Cameron 'Cammy' Myler Dartmouth College Women's Luge
Sarah Tueting Dartmouth College Women's Ice Hockey
Gretchen Ulion Dartmouth College Women's Ice Hockey
Stacey Wooley Dartmouth College Women's Biathlon
Jen Botterill Harvard University Women's Ice Hockey
Jim Herberich Harvard University Men's Bobsled
A.J. Mleczko Harvard University Women's Ice Hockey
Angela Ruggerio Harvard University Women's Ice Hockey
Dan Weinstein Harvard University Men's Short Track Skating
Sandra Whyte Harvard University Women's Ice Hockey
Lisa Miller-Brown Princeton University Women's Ice Hockey



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